About Karen

I have always understood that travel would play an important part of my life. From my earliest years, I have taken advantage of every opportunity to travel, experiencing exciting adventures and see first-hand the many wonders of our world.

I decided to Follow My Passion for Travel to Financial Freedom.  I started my own home-based travel agency and began planning wonderful unique vacations for groups of all sizes and types.  Now twenty-five years later, my TAD Travel Services has become well-recognized for providing amazing vacation experiences.

If you want to learn about upcoming adventures and special offers, join me on social media.  Enjoy virtual travel thru my pics and posts, or better yet come travel with me.  I always enjoy hearing about people who are following their passion for travel, and incorporating amazing travel experiences into their lives.  Please friend/follow me if you want to keep in touch.

I have truly Transformed My Life through Travel, and now enjoy mentoring others.  I am happy to share simple tips how to travel for free and creative ways to make money while traveling the world.  I mentor emerging entrepreneurs to Follow Your Passion to Financial Freedom and to Transform Your Life Thru Travel.  I coach group leaders how to Build Successful Groups and I coach travel agents how to Grow Your Group Business.  If you would like to discuss your personal travel and/or business goals, I look forward to hearing from you!!

I am ready to answer your questions and help however I can.  Please contact me any time by e-mail, or follow the link and choose a convenient time to schedule a chat: