2019 Israel Classic Catholic Itinerary

We have developed an extraordinary itinerary … combining history and religious elements, with a uniquely Catholic perspective … enjoying a variety of activities and lots of hands-on experiences.  We have arranged to stay at some of the finest boutique hotels … all together providing for a truly unique vacation.

Enjoy reviewing our detailed itinerary … I hope to hear you will be joining us!!

Click each image below for details:

We intend to keep to our posted itinerary as closely as possible, but activities may be added or adjusted in order to provide a wonderful experience for our guests.  We make every effort to help ensure all guests enjoy a truly luxurious vacation … making memories to last a lifetime. All guests can expect many surprises along the way!!

Groups are always welcome!!  If you are a Group Leader and would like to schedule a presentation or conference call to discuss details of this or any other itinerary, please let me know.  Additional 2019/2020 dates are available for groups to schedule.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

I am ready to answer your questions and help however I can to ensure you have a wonderful vacation experience.  Please contact me any time by e-mail, or follow the link and choose a convenient time to schedule a chat: